Train with us...

Want to play with us?

Blue Arse Flies currently train on Thursday Evenings at 8.00 - 10:00

The venue is Evesham High School, Four Pools Road, Evesham, WR11 1DQ.

Weekly Sunday training sessions are held in Stourport at the Memorial Park from 11am
to 2pm.

Blue Arse Flies Subsriptions

BAF Team subscriptions covers payment for training on astro-turf & grass, and tournament fees.

Ideally all BAF players will contribute subscriptions via a monthly standing order to go directly into the BAF Bank Account. The current subscription is:

  • 22 per month for those training on Thursday Evenings and on Weekends.
  • 10 per month for those training only on Weekends.

These subscriptions include all BAF Tournament Fees, and a FREE DISC.

If you are not on a subscription rate, the Pay as You Go rates are:

  • 5 per Thursday night training session.
  • 15 per Weekend training Sessions.
  • 25 per Tournaments.

To arrange a standing order, or a one off payment: Bank account details, and an address to send Cheques to are posted regularly on the BAF Yahoo Group.

You can also pay via Paypal by arranging payment to: from the Paypal Payment Page.

Alternatively, contact the current BAF Treasurer via the BAF Yahoo Group.