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Blue Arse Flies currently train on Thursday Evenings at 8.00 - 10:00

The venue is Evesham High School, Four Pools Road, Evesham, WR11 1DQ.

Weekly Sunday training sessions are held in Stourport at the Memorial Park from 11am
to 2pm.

Just back from our annual trip to Bruges. A three day tournament we have competed at for the last 10 years. We were defending champions for division 2, which is very admirable considering a play as a mixed team against mainly mens teams. This year we took a young side looking to establish themselves on the international scene.

A tough first day saw us only win only one of our three games, leaving us in the lower pool. This didn't mean that victory was out of sight, it just meant we had dropped into the lower pool and would need to win all our games on day 2 to have a chance of challenging the bottom team of the higher pool.

Day 2 - the team rallied together and over came a couple of early tough opponents to set up a big game against the Germans. We came out strong and quickly had a 5-1 lead. This fast start left our opponents a little stunned and having to chase the game the pressure was to much and our defence consistently forced errors which we capitalised on and came out comfortable winners 13-2!

So to our 4th game of the day - our challenge game, against some old friends we have played against many times. In a very windy and error ridden game it came down to sudden death, which unfortunately we didn't take - congrats to the Belgians. However I think we wore them out as they didn't advance in the tournament and ended up 8th.

After that we had to pick ourselves up and play our 5th and final game of day 2. After our disappointment of being knocked down and knowing we couldn't win the tournament, we wanted finish the day on a high. However our opposition had other plans and again we had a real battle on our hands. However, for a change our luck and nerve held, as we saw another sudden death game finally go our way - phew!

Day 3 - just two more games left of a tough tournament. First game was again very close and some good play by both teams meant it was another close one, but this time the more experienced side just pipped us to victory. So on to our last game and who should we meet but the Germans again from day 2! They were hungry for revenge and started strongly, but after putting on a strong zone saw us quickly come from 0-2 down to take a healthy lead and run out winners! If you ask some of my team mates they will add a bit more to the story, but you will need to ask them what took place, as I have my own version of events ;-)

Well done to everyone, and we will be back next year to take back our crown.